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Photizo® Pain Relief, relieves pain and reduce swelling and inflammation, especially in arthritic patients – also allows for quicker recovery of joint function following injury. It is useful for treating pain and inflammation associated with joint diseases such as all types of arthritis and gout. Photizo® Pain Relief reduces muscle spasms, and increases the blood and lymph vessel diameter, to ensure clearing of waste products and inflow of oxygen and nutrients in the areas treated.

The Photizo® Pain Relief offers a complimentary, non-invasive, effective treatment option for use in the following chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammatory conditions:

  • All painful and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic joints e.g. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.
  • Chronic muscle spasms such as neck, shoulder and back muscle spasms.
  • Trigger points.
  • Pain and burning sensations associated with poor blood circulation such as winter hands and feet.
  • Pain and sensation loss associated with nerve damage e.g. neuropathy in diabetics, nerve injuries, and shingles (especially post herpetic neuralgia).
  • Pain, muscle spasm and inflammation associated with Fibromyalgia.
  • Pain and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis, flat feet or calcaneal spur.
  • Tension headaches and Tempero-mandibular joint (jaw) pain.
  • Cartilage damage (e.g. meniscus bruising/tears), fractures, bone bruising, spinal column problems associated with pain, like back and neck pain.


Photizo® Pain Relief stimulates endorphin and serotonin secretion. This is the body’s own pain and relaxing “medication”. Photizo® Pain Relief effectively reduces the inflammatory process that is caused by damage or overuse, reduces and relaxes muscle spasms and trigger points and assist in reducing swelling by increasing the blood vessel and lymph diameter to clear excess waste products from the area affected. This reduces the pressure and irritation on nerve endings that causes more pain. Increased blood flow into the area, ensures that the tissues can absorb more nutrients and oxygen. It also reduces the conduction speed, and the irritability of the pain conducting nerve and effectively reduces muscle spasms and releases tight trigger points. Photizo® Pain Relief stimulates optimum cell condition (bone, nerve, capsule, cartilage and muscle tissue) to maintain healthy tissue. This may help to prevent further degeneration of tissues like nerves, bone/joints and blood vessels.
o Wavelengths : 633nm red, 850nm infrared
o Coverage : 4.7cm2
o Power output : 1 300mW

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12 Month carry in guarantee.