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Magnesium Sulphate – Explained!


The best way to explain the benefits of Magnesium Sulphate and how the “salts” work is to break it up into various components:
Magnesium – Sulphate –  Adults - Pregnant Women and Medical Related.


Once you can understand the basics of each and in each category, it’s easy to then understand the bigger picture.  When it comes to answering questions that you have not heard before – it simply comes down to slotting it into the relevant category and from there explain / answer the question.

A    Muscle Relaxant    
B    Anti-inflammatory    
C    Vital Mineral in body    
D    Absorbs Calcium    
E    Absorbs Omega’s    
F    Stimulates Serotonin    
G    Muscle Maintenance    
H    Anti Septic    

Rids body of artificial additives found in foods, medicines, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, such as preservatives, flavourings, caffeine and nicotine.

Magnesium is a Natural Muscle Relaxant that has been used for Centuries for the treatments of injuries to muscle.

In Adults:
Now days, adults tend to suffer from stress, muscle spasms, headaches and migraines, in most cases these are worsened by our poor “modern diets” which result in a Magnesium deficiency.  Increasing the Magnesium levels will almost instantly alleviate muscle tension and with maintained levels will reduce the risk of headaches and migraines.

In Pregnancy:

Muscles around the pelvis and stomach tend to relax and stretch which can cause both muscle and join pain.  Increased Magnesium helps to alleviate this pain as well as pain of Braxton hicks and contractions.  Leg cramps which are also common in pregnancy can also be alleviated by increasing Magnesium levels.

Magnesium is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory that has been used for centuries as a treatment of injuries causing inflammation and infections.

In Adults:    
With more adults these days trying to keep fit and young, they are more prone to sports injuries.  Inflammation can be easily treated with increased Magnesium levels and the risk of injury can be reduced by maintained Magnesium levels.  Arthritis and join injuries can also be greatly benefited by increasing the Magnesium levels especially when applied directly to the problematic areas such as hands and knees.

In Pregnancy:    
Most pregnancy women in their last trimester tend to suffer from puffy feet and legs due to water retention.  Ensuring that Magnesium levels are maintained will assist in reducing the puffiness and the aches and pains that are associated with it.  Post Caesar and natural delivery the stomach and pelvic area may tend to be slightly inflamed for a few days while the bodies tries to repair itself.  Bathing in Magnesium Sulphate helps to reduce the inflammation and can assist in speeding up recovery.
Magnesium is a vital mineral our bodies require for the catalytic action of over 300 enzymes in our body.

In Adults:    
The older we get the harder it is for our body to absorb certain minerals and elements such as calcium.  By ensuring that we have sufficient Magnesium to assist with the enzyme functions we are then ensuring that we obtain sufficient levels of the various nutrients our bodies require.

In Pregnancy:    
Ensuring that the enzymes can function properly will ensure that baby can obtain all the nutrition it requires for healthy growth.

Magnesium is required by the body for the absorption of Calcium.

In Adults:    
The older we get the more we require Calcium for the prevention of Osteoporosis.  Our bones start to take strain when the calcium levels start to deplete.  Ensuring sufficient levels of Magnesium from early days will ensure adequate absorption of Calcium which will reduce the risk or severity of Osteoporosis in old age.

In Pregnancy:    
During pregnancy our calcium levels are depleted due to the requirements of the baby and its bone development.  Ensuring that we obtain sufficient Magnesium levels during pregnancy will ensure that both baby and mom are receiving healthy levels of Calcium.  As women get older, the effects of poor calcium levels during pregnancy are more visible with the onset of Osteoporosis.

Magnesium is vital for the absorption of Omegas – the food our brains need to function properly.

In Adults:    
Although adults tend to believe they “know” everything and that wisdom comes with age, sadly it is a fact that, the older we get, the more we suffer from memory loss and brain function.  Ensuring that we maintain good Magnesium levels through out our lives will ensure that we have healthy brain function and memory for longer.

In Pregnancy:
Increased Magnesium levels ensure increased absorption of Omegas which all goes straight to baby’s brain development.

Magnesium is one of the vital elements in our body that is required for the stimulation of Serotonin which is better known as the “happy hormone”.

In Adults:    
Aggression, Depression and stress are all brought on by the poor stimulation of Serotonin.  If we are able to increase our Magnesium levels, then the production Serotonin is increased and as such adults should experience less depression and aggressive behaviour.

In Pregnancy:
Everyone knows that pregnant women go through ups and downs of all sorts of hormones causing depression at times.  By ensuring maintained levels of Magnesium we can ensure that adequate levels of Serotonin are produced and as such during the “bad” times, depression should be reduces or more manageable.

Muscle spasm and general aches and pains or even Fibromyalgia are a result of insufficient mineral and salt intake such as Magnesium.  

In Adults:    
General muscle cramps, gout and restless leg are a result of insufficient salt stores in the body.  Well maintained Magnesium levels will reduce crystal build up in the muscle and if these symptoms are experienced, results are almost instant after having a bath in Magnesium Sulphate where the body can absorb the salt transdermally.

In Pregnancy:
Many pregnant women tend to suffer from leg cramps and early contractions.  Maintaining good levels of Magnesium will reduce the aches and the pains.  It is so effective at reducing pain that it is recommended that if time allows during labour, that you take a warm bath with Magnesium Sulphate as this will help alleviate the pain of the contraction.

Magnesium Sulphate as a combined structure is know to act as a natural antiseptic and disinfectant.

In Adults:    
We are exposed to so many different elements on a daily basis that can cause contamination and infection.  A daily bath in the salts can assist in a general all-over body sanitation without the need for additional artificial disinfectants on the market.

In Pregnancy:
Post natural delivery – especially in the case of a tear or episiotomy, a salt bath can be enough to ensure the wound stays clean and free from infection.

Summary of Benefits of Magnesium:
In Adults:    
Alleviates headaches and migraines
Improves insomnia
Good for diabetes, kidney stones, kidney function, cholesterol and heart conditions
Hugely benefits arthritis, osteoporosis and gout

In Pregnancy:
Helps to reduce the risk of pre-term labour
Helps to reduce the risk of Pre-eclampsia
Reduces the aches and pains of Braxton hicks and contractions
Goes straight to babies brain development
Absorbs Calcium

Summary of the benefits of Sulphate:
Our bodies, in their natural state require Sulphate to break down any artificial or contaminated things.  Most “modern day” foods we eat are so intoxicated with Flavourings, Colourants and preservatives and these tend to cause a toxic build up in our bodies.  Because naturally, our bodies only have a small quantity of Sulphate available for the break down of these toxins we end up with what is termed the “bottle-neck” effect.  Insufficient Sulphate means that our bodies can not break down these toxins and as such in children this is what causes them to be hyperactive, restless, have poor concentration and memory and poor sleep patterns.  By increasing the Sulphate levels, we are able to break down more of the toxic build up and as such reduce the hyperactivity.  With this, sleep patterns are improved, concentration and memory are increased and children tend to become more tolerable and sociable.

In Adults:    
Adults are also prone to the toxic build up of all the additives in foods and the benefits are the same as in children.  Better sleep patterns and better concentration and memory.  Adults that tend to smoke and drink or even do drugs are able to detox 2/3’s faster if their Sulphate levels are high.

In Pregnancy:    

For moms that have had an epidural or spinal anaesthetic and then choose to breastfeed, we want to eliminate the quantity of mother to baby transmission of the anaesthetic that is in the mom.  Bathing in the salts will help rid the body of the anaesthetic 2/3’s faster and as such reduce the quantity of anaesthetic that is passed on to the baby.  The same applies to post-natal treatment of pain using various forms of pain killers.

What makes Kiddy-Calm / Mai-Thaim so different?
The Therific Naturals range of bath salts have the primary ingredient of Magnesium Sulphate.  Added to this we have a fragrance, colourant and bubbles so that it becomes a fun and enjoyable bath for both children and adults.

A common question thrown at us is this:  “if we are bathing in the salts to rid the body of the artificial additives in foods such as colourants and flavourants, then are we not contradicting the purpose of bathing in the salts by adding colouring and fragrance?”

The answer is – NO!
We have taken careful care to use ingredients that are not harmful to us and that won’t contradict the purpose of the bath.  

    We use SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulphate ).  For years this has been a controversial ingredient in the cosmetic range as it was shown to have a long list of side effects.  This has since been ruled out if the product is used in the correct manner.  Please see the diagram below for a better description of SLS and why it is actually good for us.

SLS – Good or bad?
The best way to describe the good vs. the bad of SLS is to break it up into its three components.
    is a mineral or a derivative of salt.  Our bodies require Sodium on a daily basis and it is classed as one of the 5 vital minerals we need.

    is a fatty plant extract more commonly found from palms or milk bearing plants.  

is a mineral that our bodies require and is classed as one of the 5 vital minerals we need on a daily basis.  We are already obtaining Sulphate from the Magnesium Sulphate, obtaining it in the SLS is just increasing our chance of absorption and therefore benefiting us.

The combination of the 3 provides us with a substance that when added to water creates and abundance of bubbles.  It is an alkaline substance which is termed as 99.98% biodegradable.  Although it is an alkaline substance, in its dry, concentrated form it can irritate the skin if left on for long periods of time.  This irritation is due to a drying of the skin area which in turn leaves the skin red and flaky.  It has also been suggested that it can cause hair loss.  This is due to the product being left on to irritate the skin and burn the hair follicle.

If SLS is used in the correct dosage and is rinsed off properly with water ( even when dissolved or diluted in water ) it wont cause any drying or irritation and is perfectly safe to use.

A great description of the level of concentration / irritation is to compare it to lemon juice.  Lemon juice is a great natural product, can add flavour to juices, meats and fish and is a good source of vitamin C however, pour some in a glass and leave a chicken bone in it over night and come morning there is no bone!  The same applies to the SLS – if used correctly can be beneficial, if used incorrectly can be detrimental.

To end off:
Why use Therific Naturals Bath salts instead of plain Magnesium Sulphate?
Its simple….  Kids perceive plain Magnesium Sulphate to be a “medicine bath”.  Providing bubbles and colour and fragrance turns it into a BUBBLE BATH – with benefits!

In addition to this, Magnesium Sulphate can be very drying on the skin.  Adding baby oil to the bath can make it slippery and dangerous, leaves a dirt ring and hair can’t be washed.  The SLS and ingredients in our salts help to soften the water and therefore the need for oils and creams after the bath is not necessary.

Plain Magnesium Sulphate                                         Therific Naturals Bath Salts
Dries the skin                                                            SLS Softens the water and reduces drying
Baby Oil leaves a ring                                                 Helps to soften the skin and improve absorption
Baby Oil is slippery and dangerous                              Bubbles, colour and fragrance to make if fun
Hair can’t be washed in baby oil                                  Creates job opportunities for workers and moms
Slow absorption rate of Magnesium Sulphate                Grows a network of moms with problematic kids