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Rapha Booster, the 100% Natural drink that contains LIVE MICROBES (HEALTHY BACTERIA) to Unlock your NATURAL ENERGY

The human body contains more than 100 trillion microbes - 10 times more than the number of cells in the body. These MICROBES (HEALTHY BACTERIA) are essential to the way that our bodies function.

The microbes in RAPHA BOOSTER is all natural and originally come from the soil where they help plants to grow. However, due to chemical farming and modern diets, many of these microbes (healthy bacteria) are no longer present in our food. Due to this plus unhealthy habits and excessive stress, disease is at an all time high.

The healthy microbes in RAPHA BOOSTER are grown in consortium *(as a family), thus ensuring that they are resilient and withstand the hostile environment of the gut. This resulting in the gut environment changing to a friendlier environment promoting good health. Rapha Booster also gets rid of unhealthy food cravings due to a high increase of nutrient absorption and release of bio-available vitamins and nutrients. Users feels satisfied for longer periods after a meal and eat much less. Those that are underweight, experience a healthier appetite. Feeling of well-being is but one of the many health benefits of RAPHA BOOSTER. .


RAPHA BOOSTER contains a diverse blend of active microbes (healthy bacteria) to promote your optimum health. .Its free from Chemicals, lactose , sugar and animal Ingredients.


Tired? Insomnia? Stressed? Skin Conditions? Low Immunity? Ulcers? Overweight? Under Weight? Acid Reflux? Painful Joints? Lack of Focus? Digestive Disorders? ...etc

Whatever & however you feel, get your RAPHA BOOSTER!

Basically you take one tablespoon for one week, then two table spoons the following week. We recommend you drink warm water through out the day.