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  • This amaZING technology now allows everyone to fight pathogens and diseases from the comfort of their home. Efficient and inexpensive support for your immune system for a longer, healthier and more productive life!
  • Treat yourself for life at the all-inclusive price equivalent to only one month comprehensive medical aid contribution for a family of 4!
  • Wave technology is responsible for what you hear and see. It is extensively used in diagnostic machines in laboratories, medical equipment such as X-Ray, CT scanning, cancer radiation and many, many more. NOW available for everyone at home to fight illnesses and diseases. Hallo healthy!
  • The Art of Health Plexus 560 Rife Resonator is the most advanced technology available in South Africa and we offer full technical Support.
  • Block/Square Wave output from 1 to 100 000.00Hz – for More effective treatment
  • Up to 3230 onboard programs to treat Pathogens and Various Diseases
  • The Plexus 560 Rife device is 100% designed, manufactured and supported in South Africa. It is available in an English or Afrikaans interface. It is predominately an alternative health care device – and not a medically registered device.
  • The graphic display keeps the user fully informed on the selected protocol and intensity settings.
  • The tactile keypad, with 23 keys, is used for general operational control, selection and activation of channels and the adjustment of output levels, the enclosure is constructed from durable ABS plastic
  • The keypad is further utilised to compile protocols, ranges and single frequencies onboard.

The Rife has a:

  • Grouping function – where we can put your own individual treatments is need be and you can then use the rife at night while you are sleeping It has a repeat function as well. There is space for 20 groups in the machine.
  • Recent button keeps the last 20 treatments in memory so you can just press that button and your treatments will be on there for your convenience.
  • Pathogen list, where all the various bacteria/viruses/fungi/algae are written in. In the “Treatment Regime” booklet, we help you with the various treatments and what you need to do for various illness.
  • User list button where you can write or change your own treatments. Gives you the ability to add new treatments onto your rife, and to change groups to your needs. There is space for +/-600 additional treatments if you want to add new treatments.
  • Treatment regime booklet – This will guide you into how to use your Rife optimally.

The primary aim of the Plexus 560 Rife instrument is to allow the user to address disorders caused by bacterial and fungal organisms [pathogens].

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