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Our range of 100% natural anti-ageing Coconut Oils consists of:

- Orange & Orange Blossom
- Peppermint
- Lavendar & Rosemary
- Cinnamon and Tea Tree

Tips on how to use our oils:

* Moisturize your skin by using in place of a day and night cream
* Exfoliate your skin by mixing our oils with brown sugar
* Lip balm for dry and cracked lips
* Make-up primer for smooth, soft skin all day long
* Massage oil
* Bath oil
* Fade age/sun spots
* Cracked heels
* Use in the sun as a natural SPF
* Massage over nails to strengthen them
* Oil treatment for hair
* Frizz tamer
* Use it as an antibacterial for scrapes and cuts
* Sunburn relief
* Soft and gentle makeup remover


R50 each fragrance